Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is of central importance for our ability to handle diseases in general, infections, surgery and trauma in particular. The objective of nutrition therapy is improved patient outcome by-


  1. avoiding malnutrition
  2. maintaining body tissue and functioning plasma protein stores
  3. preventing macro- and micronutrient deficiency

No patient should have insufficient intake of energy and substrates in modern hospital care treatment. The parenteral route can be used successfully when other alternatives of nourishmentare difficult or impossible. Nowadays, fully adequate nutrition can be performed by giving total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The regimen can be individualized to cover different needs. In the short term we can compensate for disturbances in the longer term we can maintain nutritional balance.

  • Nutritional assessment
  • Enteral or parenteral route - Strategy
  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Considerations during intensive care
  • kidney failure, liver failure
  • Complications - trouble shooting and Follow-up
  • The NuTRIflex® Syste
  • Farm environment
  • Public health and Consumer Protection

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