Animal and Plant Nutrition

Food is the fundamental thing for both plant and creatures to get by. Plants are Autotrophic; they set up their own food giving some of it to different organic entities. Though Animals are Heterotrophic, they can't construct their food inside themselves and admission from different plants or creatures. One makes its own food and one relies upon other for food. Plants require light, water and around 20 components known as fundamental components to meet all their biochemical necessities. A few plants can't create their own food and should acquire their sustenance from outside sources these are parasitic or saprophytic. A few plants are mutualistic symbionts, epiphytes, or insectivorous.

  • Consumer trends and nutritional behaviors
  • Animal and plant nutrient sources
  • Modes of nutrition
  • Vegetarian, vegan and other dietary systems
  • Minerals required by plants

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