Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition centers on the anticipation, diagnosis, and management of nutritional changes in patients linked to chronic diseases and conditions mostly in health care. Clinical in this sense refers to the management of patients, including not only outpatients at clinics and in private practice, but also inpatients in hospitals. It assimilates primarily the scientific fields of nutrition and dietetics. Furthermore, clinical nutrition aims to maintain a healthy energy balance, while also providing sufficient amounts of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals to patients.

In the field of clinical nutrition, malnutrition has causes, epidemiology and management distinct from those associated with malnutrition that is mainly related to poverty.

The main causes of clinical malnutrition are:

  • Cachexia caused by diseases, injuries and/or aging
  • Difficulties with ingestion, such as stroke, paresis, dementia, depression, dysphagia


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